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Hello! We hope you all had a good game week.

Massive thanks for your continued support, and we wish you good luck with your Sorare adventure!


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More info coming this week. Stay tuned!

Player Recommendations

Kento Misao (25) - MID - Kashima Antlers - 0.031

It is a riskier option as currently, he is losing his starting spot to a 35-year-old Leo Silva. But this is exactly the reason why you are able to pick him up at such a price right now. And if he wins back the starting spot he will bring you an average of 51 points, often hitting above that.

Cheick Souaré (18) - MID - Olympique de Marseille - 0.045

Souaré was first included in Marseille's squad in February 2021, as the club was going on a losing streak with several internal tensions and supporters riots, eventually leading to the departure of André Villas-Boas.

Cheick Souaré made his professional debut for Olympique de Marseille on the 3 February 2021, coming up as a substitute in the 2–2 draw against Lens.

Alexander Callens (29) - DEF - New York City - 0.031

Alex just got injured so definitely a great time to buy if you believe in him.

Ethereum Follow-Up

Ethereum started the week at 2,427$ and finished it at 2,817$.

What’s New In The Sorare Community

Did you know that @Lor_Insigne appears in more Managers' Hall Of Fames than any other player?

In this week's Beautiful Data episode, Guy looks at Player Popularity.

Team Of The Week

Number Of At Least N Blockchain Cards

Automatic routine sometimes fails. Data is updated now and SorareData has improved the routine so hopefully no more scare!

Quote Of The Week

Sorare is the first step in my financial independence journey.

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