☘️ Our plan for the Season 2021-2022

🤝 The free content will remain the same


First of all, we would like to thank you for your amazing support since the launch of our project:

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The free content will remain the same except for particular demands of the community. A reminder of our content calendar:

1️⃣ Weekly newsletter (every Monday morning)

1️⃣ Monthly Sorareinfo Report (last Sunday of each month)

1️⃣ Monthly Interview of a key person of the Sorare ecosystem

1️⃣ Weekly summary of the SorarePodcast

➕ Other exclusive contents on Twitter as well as on our Official Website: players & managers analysis, AMAs of the Sorare CEO and much more

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We are preparing a Premium newsletter for the beginning of the next season (2022-2023). The main ambition of this project is to create a team composed by the Sorareinfo.com community players without doing multi-accounting. A first version of this team will be sponsored by PrimeXBT.com (our first sponsor).

A contest is organised in order to allow you to buy worth 500$ in ETH every month on PrimeXBT.com to recruit the players you want for a 5 years time horizon. The winner manager will get 20% of the cards value.

We will invest 500$ per month during the first 6 months and will accept 50 managers only this year. Next year, we will open again up to 1 000 managers this very special private leagues. These 50 managers will be abled to build teams by sharing their own players.

See you tomorrow morning for the newsletter!

The Sorareinfo Team