Sitemap - 2021 - SorareInfo

🌲 Merry Xmas

3 reasons why Ethereum price can drop below $3K by the end of 2021

Oldest Legends Card

🛣️ RoadToD1

Sorareinfo Report #8

📖 3 x U23 gems

✅ Players Without Sorare Cards To Follow

🥂200K Active Monthly Users

Sorareinfo Report #7

🧘‍♀️ Ethereum 2025

📈 ATH Week

💰 3 Managers To Follow Worth $8M

✨ Goalkeepers, even more

🧤 It's Time For Young GKs

🧿 Super Rare Cards Legends XI Are Undervalued

Sorareinfo Report #6

🤯 3300+ new Sorare NFTs owners in a week

500K members on Sorare⁉️

💡 Begin to think with 11 players

💼 Take advantage of the new scarcity

☘️ Our plan for the Season 2021-2022

💷💶💴 1st Sorareinfo Sponsor

😳-3k owners of at least N blockchain cards

Sorareinfo Report #5

🥇Global Nations

🤤 Ethereum issues will soon be a thing of the past! 

👀 A New Threshold?!

Sorareinfo Report #4

Ethereum 3k$ ✅

🌏 International Clubs & Tournaments

🎁 New Dynamic Tournament Rewards

🍾 +15k owners of blockchain cards

✨New Card Design & Special Rookie Cards

⭐️⭐️Antoine Griezmann on Sorare

Sorareinfo Q1 Report

👑 Make a roster this season!

💥Come back of the players' recommendations

Will Sorare really ever scale?

Prices are going crazy

Sorareinfo Report #2

The number of lineups record was broken

2 decent strikers & Gary Vee joining Sorare!

A new card scarcity?!

A player who scored 100 for £16 -0.016 ETH)?!

Sorareinfo Report #1

Take advantage of the MLS Kick-Off & ETH All-Time High

1 wonderkid & ETH reserves under tension

The Best Result To Date In Terms Of ROI & ETH Nears All-Time High

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